Silent Meditation

3-day Intensive Programme

In the village of Etsaut,

In the heart of the French Pyrenees

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The essentials

· 3 full days of silent sitting and walking meditation.

· For experienced meditators only.

· All meals provided.

· Options with and without accommodation

· A maximum 10 participants


Our intention is to provide a venue and a conducive environment for a small group of experienced meditators to come together for three full days of silent practice. The main part of each day will be taken up with a series of (unguided) sitting meditations, punctuated by (indoor and outdoor) walking meditations (kinhin) and some simple mindful stretching and bodyscan exercises. For the sitting meditations, participants are invited to adopt whatever silent meditation routines they normally practice, the only caveat being that they must remain still and silent for the duration of each 30 minute sitting session. 

ARRIVE Sunday 22nd May 18.00
18.30              evening meal & Introductions
21.00-22.00    meditation (2x30 minutes sitting interspersed with walking meditation)  & start of silence

Monday 23rd – Wednesday 25th May
6.30 – 8.30      meditation (sitting 3x30 minutes interspersed with walking meditation and yoga)
8.45                 vegetarian breakfast
09.45 – 10.30   outdoors walking meditation.
11.00 – 12.15   meditation ( 2x30 minutes sitting interspersed with walking meditation and yoga
12.30 – 16.30   lunch & afternoon break & opportunities for individual (1-to-1) meetings with the hosts (Paul or Stéphanie
16.30 – 18.30   meditation (3x30 minutes sitting interspersed with walking meditation or yoga/bodyscan).
18.30               evening meal
20.00 – 22.00   meditation (3x30 minutes sitting interspersed with walking meditation walking meditation or yoga/bodyscan).

Thursday 26th May
6.30 – 8.30 meditation (sitting 3x30 mins interspersed with walking meditation or yoga/bodyscan).
8.30 End of silence. Final breakfast.


The Cost

SILENT MEDITATION PROGRAMME - as outlined above - starting Sunday evening, ending Thursday morning

· €200 - including accommodation (4 nights, single bed in a shared room - towels & linen provided.) all meals & meditations

· €140 - meals & meditations only (arranging your own accommodation).

EXTRA NIGHTS - accommodation on Saturday night 21st May and/or Thursday night 26th May (price including half board)

· €50/night.



If you wish to take part in this intensive it is vital that you already have some experience of intensive (whole day) meditation and are able to sit silently, without fidgeting, for at least 30 minutes at a time. In total there are eleven 30-minute sitting meditation sessions each day. In other words, 5½ hours sitting per day. The sitting meditations are not guided.
Throughout the 3-day intensive, the only speech allowed will be that which is necessary (such as asking questions relating to activities, alerting us to issues that need to be attended to, and during optional one-to-one counselling meetings with Paul or Stéphanie. There should be no social conversation with anyone during these 3 days.
Mobile phones and computers should be turned off before the start of the 3 days and should not be turned back on until after the intensive is over. (We will provide you with the telephone number of one of our helpers, who will remain available throughout the retreat to receive calls and pass on important messages. You can forward this number on to anyone who may need to contact you in case of an emergency).
During this 3-day retreat, we request that you only read material that supports your meditation practice. We recommend that you bring a notebook or diary along, to write in.



The sitting meditations and all meals are at La Maison d'en Bas.
Participants will be accommodated either at
La Maison d'en Bas or at La Garbure (just behind La Maison d'en Bas).



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